Smash Brickz

Smash Brickz v1.1.1 (Mod Apk Money) Bring back a little bit of your childhood with this stunning 3-D polished rendition of brick breakers. Level design with dynamic environments from the ice blocks that freeze your ball in its tracks in the Glaciers, to the multiplying magma blocks in the Volcano.

Take aim and smash your way through hundreds of levels with our easy-to-play game mechanics. Simply press in the direction where you’d like the balls to strike and release. Don’t get too comfortable though, because once you think you’ve figured it out, there’s always a new challenge this game has to offer.

Smash Brickz features:
• Smashing ways to play: Target Score, Star Rankings.
• Defeat Brick Bosses to move onto the next environment.
• Crazy lasers, Hidden Bombs, Powerful abilities and environmental specific blocks create a unique gameplay experience for you to enjoy.
• Login every day to get your daily bonus.
• Hundreds of the best levels in the brick infested world with more added every 2-3 weeks for your entertainment.
• Leaderboards to let you know who’s about to fall beneath you.

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Smash Brickz
Smash Brickz
Smash Brickz
Smash Brickz
Smash Brickz


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